What Does Your Before & After Look Like?

Let's face it, looking at Before & After style makeover photos are really fun and eye-opening. As a personal stylist, this is my soccer goal, victory lap, and marathon all rolled into one. And, here's a stylist's secret, client makeovers are usually accomplished with a bunch of small tweaks! Yes, [...]

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5 Things To Do Right With White

Wearing White Is Chic...And White Also Shows Everything Wearing white has always been attached to STYLE RULES, at least when I was growing up! No seriously fashionable woman would be wearing white after Labor Day. There were rules after all... But, today, all the style rules are being replaced by [...]

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Seeking My Harmony Zone

Before January, my day-to-day life was quite scheduled. With two live style talks every week, my time was spent researching topics, writing scripts, laying out fashion examples from my wardrobe, and of course, delivering the live talks on schedule. Not to mention working on future style offerings, exercising, shopping, working [...]

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Practicing Self-Care And Learning To Relax

I had a great weekend last week! Friends stopped by the house to see our progress -- they loved what we've done so far. The house is coming along nicely. We'll be having dinner parties soon, which is a sign that life is back to normal. My husband is a [...]

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Style Tips For Professional Women

For the working woman over fifty, what to wear can be an issue, especially for women in leadership positions. You want to be taken seriously, but not look stuffy or out-of-touch. Unfortunately, many of the fashion trends are for women under thirty (not that you couldn't wear them, but you [...]

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