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Congratulations On Joining The Style Club For Women!

Finally, here’s a community with women just like you, who want to look and feel good every day, but who may find it hard to put together outfits suitable for your age, body shape, and lifestyle.

You’ll find inspiration for your life, from fashion to food, culture, relationships, skincare, health and travel

I will be hanging out in the Style Club For Women Facebook group and I’ll be moving my Monday Morning Coffee With Linda here, as well as offering a Weekly Style Q&A With Linda video call. Lots of opportunities to get personalized style advice from me and my Style Resource Team.

Come with me and explore what it means to
dress stylishly and age gracefully!

A Story About Me Orange Bar

I’d like to share a little about why I became a stylist. Turns out I used to be clueless about what to wear, and before I turned 50 I didn’t think much about it. But, after spending over 25 years in the computer industry as a training executive, I started feeling invisible when I walked into a room. I found it became more difficult to get noticed.

There is something about being a woman of a certain age in a VERY YOUNG industry in silicon valley where all of a sudden all my bosses were at least 10 years younger than me. I became very aware of my age and my appearance and my invisibility.

I had a uniform for work: Banana Republic or Theory slacks in a dark neutral color, a button down blouse in a muted color, and either a matching blazer or a cardigan. The most interesting thing about my appearance was my long, curly, wild hair! I really don’t remember wearing much jewelry. In short, my appearance was an after-thought, a snooze-fest and I wasn’t saying much about myself with my clothes.

A turning point in my life came when I received a layoff package in 2007. This freed me up for the first time to consider what I wanted to do in my second act. I started marketing my artist husband’s work, and was attending an art marketing class when I met a beautifully put-together woman in the class and asked what her secret was. She told me about this color and style workshop she attended, and after a few months I attended myself.

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Linda Before and After 1

What happened to me as a result was life-changing. Not only did I finally learn how to put together attractive outfits, but I became visible again. I had strangers literally coming up to me and complimenting me on my appearance. And my husband couldn’t keep his hands off me! I had no idea how SEXY CONFIDENCE CAN BE!

So I dove headfirst into fashion design studies at a local college and became a personal stylist. I’ve been helping women for ten years to rediscover, reinvent, and revitalize their appearance so they can ROCK their second act! And it’s the most fulfilling, purposeful work I’ve ever done in my life. Truly rewarding.

I’m a natural teacher, and whatever I learn for myself I want to teach others. This is why this Style Club For Women is so exciting and fulfilling. I want to share all the knowledge I’ve gained over the years as an Image Stylist, and also foster a learning environment where we can all learn and grow with each other.

Style Is A State Of Mind – remember that you have the power to redesign your life and make it your best life ever.

Love and Light,



STEP 1: Look in your email for the Welcome Letter

When you join the Style Club, you will receive a Welcome Letter from styleclubforwomen@gmail.com. The letter directs you to all the benefits you can instantly enjoy.

STEP 2: Take the Color Quiz and Body Shape Quiz

Learn your color palette and receive a color card via email that you can print out or take with you on your smartphone when you shop! THEN, check out the SHOP section for clothing, accessories and makeup selected just for your color palette. Learn your body shape and receive a body inspiration video that shows you ideal garment shapes for your body type.

STEP 3: You’ll receive an email “Style Week At A Glance” every Sunday morning

Every week there are live events with Linda and her Style Resource Team in fashion, accessories, beauty products, health, and lifestyle. The email provides a heads-up on the events for the coming week, as well as replays of the previous week’s events — so you’re always up-to-date! But, if you’re too busy to attend a live event or watch replays, no worries, they will all be right here in the huge library of content when you’re ready.

STEP 4: Interact with members and get more personalized advice from Linda

Introduce yourself and start posting in the smaller, more exclusive Facebook community, Style Club For Women Facebook Group, where Linda and her Style Resource Team will be offering more personal style recommendations. Looking for new clothing and accessories to add to your wardrobe? Check out the Style Club Clothing Exchange, where members can buy, sell, or swap with each other. Don’t forget to check out Linda’s Style Resource Team section under the Resources Menu where you’ll find interesting and educational videos, blogs, recipes, and so much more!


This is a fun, highly interactive, and educational community of like-minded women who all want the same thing — to open their closet and find the right clothes and accessories that make their life easy, inspired, and joyful. We are learning from each other and reinventing our own style rules as we go along. Come with me and explore what it means to dress stylishly and age gracefully…


You want to look and feel good every day, but you may not know how. Your confidence will grow daily in a dynamic and alive experience as you discover your beauty and strengths.


Have you ever thought to yourself it’s so much work to find just the right colors to buy? Well, Linda solves this in a unique SHOP BY COLORS 


Women supporting women in a diverse, worldwide community. This is not a silo where Linda, alone, passes down information – it’s women learning from each other.


Knowing the style roadmap and having a style direction is everything. You don’t have to get it perfect. This community opens you to try new things and feel better about yourself

Start Exploring Teal Bar


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Take a Self Color Analysis With Linda’s Color Quiz

Do you know your best colors? Take the DIY Color Quiz (quiz link is also in your Welcome Letter). THEN, create a beautiful wardrobe with clothing in the SHOP…SHOP BY COLORS section and find clothing, accessories, and makeup selected specifically for your color palette!

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Daily Style Inspiration And Advice In the Style Club For Women Facebook Group

The Style Club For Women Facebook Group provides daily outfit ideas and advice from Linda and other women learning from each other.

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Instant Access To A Library Of Style Videos, eBooks, and Resources

Keeping your style updated and current is easy with this library of style videos and eBooks by Linda and the Style Resource Team. You’ll find these style guides in the STYLE and RESOURCES sections.


Your membership entitles you to exclusive deals and discounts on Linda’s style courses and virtual styling services, and other products.

Events Calendar Pic
Check The Style Week At A Glance email in your inbox — There’s Always Something Going On!

Check the email for the following events:

  • Attend Weekly Style Q&A Calls or Lisa & Linda At-Home Zoom Calls. Linda invites you to join her on Zoom for an open forum. Check your weekly email for the links. If you have style questions you’d like Linda to answer, please email the questions (and photos) to styleclubforwomen@gmail.com.
  • Attend Masterclass Seminars With Experts on fashion, beauty, aging, health, and other topics. Style Club members get in without registering!
  • Monday Morning LIVE Style Talk With Linda will take place inside the Style Club Facebook Page every Monday at 9am Pacific | 12pm Eastern. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can watch Linda’s Monday Morning videos on the Style Club website under the Style Menu.


Gold Palette Examples e1534981615705
Shop By Colors

After you take the Color Quiz, look in the Shop By Colors section and click on your color palette. You will find links to clothing, accessories, and makeup in colors that look best on you. Wearing the right colors is so important for building confidence and looking younger! Shelley Zurek, Queen Of Shopping Links, provides the shopping links to the cutest clothing!!


Messy Closet
Wardrobe Exchange

Ready for a closet cleanout? One of the favorite benefits members enjoy is an exclusive Wardrobe Exchange Facebook Page where members can BUY, SWAP, or SELL their clothing and accessories to fellow Style Sisters. This is a great way to pass along the pieces you never wear (maybe you found out they’re not your best colors anymore!) to other women who will cherish them in a safe environment. It’s like trading clothes with your sister!




Resource Team Photo 082118 e1534982845738
Style Resource Team

You’re in for a treat! Nowhere else can a woman get this professional level of inspirational, educational, and entertaining support. Visit the Resources section and dive into each of these outstanding ladies’ pages:

Shop With Shelley

Harmonize Your Beauty With Lisa

Sherri Preston’s Monthly Feature

Cynthia Miller’s Curvy Corner

Beverley Woodworth’s BadAss Midlife Upgrade

Bea’s Healthy Living Section

Retro Suitcases e1534983266513
Women Meeting Women Worldwide

I hear every day how women are meeting with each other in their regions to have lunch or go shopping. Finally, here’s a community of women just like you, who want to transform and update their appearance. You’ll be able to mingle, share and help other women in the Style Club Facebook Group, Linda’s Weekly Zoom Call, Wardrobe Exchange, and even an annual worldwide conference.


Woman Driving e1534984966260
Knowing The Roadmap

Having a strategic roadmap for how to build a wardrobe not only saves you time and money, but it builds confidence. If you’re like most women, you go shopping without a clear picture of what you’re looking for. So, you end up grabbing the first thing that fits, without taking into account how well the piece fits your coloring, body shape, personal style or your wardrobe.

If you used to wear (and love) 4″ heels but you just can’t wear them anymore, what’s your new roadmap to feeling sexy and beautiful again? We show you there is a shoe that not only looks beautiful but feels comfortable in this group! Feel emotionally better about yourself with a new roadmap!






Jill McDermitt Van Tuyl
You Can’t Buy Confidence

You can’t go to the store and buy confidence – you won’t find it sitting on a shelf! But you know what DOES build confidence? Experimenting with fashion and being willing to try new style concepts. All of sudden you see yourself in the mirror, you get rewarded with compliments from hundreds of women, and now you’re seeing yourself with new eyes….you’re seeing your beauty inside and out!





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