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For-Pay and Free Style Courses That Are Fun And Life-Changing
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Style Success In Your Second Act

This is Linda’s premiere and most popular 4-week color + style course that will take your appearance from ho-hum to holy smokes!! You’ll learn about your best colors, how to mix and match colors to create eye-catching, color-coordinated outfits. You’ll discover your body shape and learn how to choose the most flattering clothes for your body type. If you’ve never claimed your personal style, this course walks you through the creative process of setting up a style vision board for yourself and defining, once and for all, your signature style! Finally, a fashionable woman has to have an organized closet, and this course teaches you the steps to transform your clutter into a stylish boutique closet.


…Feeling sexy and beautiful again

…Having fun getting dressed in the morning

…Looking and feeling more confident

It’s never too late to get over your body hatred and declare your beauty! Sign up and GET STARTED NOW!

This workshop is essential for women who are starting new businesses, feeling badly about their body changes after fifty, or want to get back into the dating world, and may feel less confident when it comes to dressing beautifully. Beauty after fifty is about owning who you are and expressing yourself through your unique style.

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Body Confidence: Gain body confidence with clothes that flatter

This is a bundle program that includes Week 2: Love My Body! videos plus a body image analysis quiz and Body Inspiration Video created by Linda especially for your body shape.

Regular price: $32

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Are you making all the classic mistakes women over fifty make that makes you look older than you are? Want to look and feel younger? This eBook covers the three most common style mistakes women make that ages them. Who wants THAT? Enjoy the read and email with your comments.

Click to read 3 Style Mistakes That Make Women Look Older

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You know you wear only a small fraction of what’s hanging in your closet. Most women only wear 20% of their clothes! Are you ready to pare down to the essentials? Would you like to open your closet and only find the clothes you LOVE to wear?

Click to read 5 Daily Habits Of Ageless + Stylish Women 2019

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